Achievement By Design

"It's all about the process."

A good Interviewer will often ask questions that help bring clarity to complex concepts and ideas.  The following clips are excerpts from a interview with Fanny Kiefer, host of 'Studio 4' - a daily talk show in Vancouver, BC.

In this interview Ted provides a good overview of several aspects of Focus, Fold, or Freeze and 'being in the zone.'

Clips are provided courtesy of Shaw TV - Vancouver, BC. 

Clip 1.  Success and Achievement - What's the Difference?

Clip 2.  Is Focus, Fold, or Freeze Types of Reflexes Situational?

Clip 3.  How Do You Manage Fear?

Clip 4.  How Do You Manage Expectations?

Clip 5.  How Does Firewalking Demonstrate 'Being in the Zone?'

Clip 6.  How Do You Stay Mentally Detached Under Pressure?