Ted Buffington's

Team Engineering -
High Performance Crisis Response Teams


"When the only option is to succeed,
you need your teams ready for ANY unexpected event."

Module Overview:

Team Engineering - High Performance Crisis Teams is the 6th in the Focus, Fold, or Freeze series.  In this interactive session Ted continues the 'artistic expression' of the ABD skills by teaching HOW to apply those skills in a team context.

Team Engineering is designed to give participants a new model to operate, develop, replicate and sustain high performance response and recovery teams.

Participants will learn the formal Team Engineering™ model for organizing teams, getting buy-in, making formal requests, policing in action items, and handling issues and conflicts.

This fast paced program is both strategic and tactical, providing a solid foundation for understanding HOW the Team Engineering™ model works and HOW to implement the model in any ‘team’ related situation.

This module will quickly generate new insights about organizational teams, how organizational cultures come about, and the basic distinctions needed to craft a culture that supports high performance teamwork, cooperation, individual empowerment, and overall high performance.

Who Should Attend:

This skills-based, hands-on workshop is an intermediate to advanced level course for organizational crisis and recovery team members who are or will be in leadership roles. This program is perfect for First Responders, EOC Teams, Corporate Crisis Teams, and anyone requiring high performance in under pressure situations.


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