Hell Camp

In 1987 I attended a management training school in Japan nicknamed "Hell Camp" by its students.  The design of the training is based on "Kamikaze" conditioning  techniques used to train pilots during WWII.  It was an amazing cross cultural research project. The initial course is designed to be completed no sooner than 13 days and no later than 16 days.  In my class of 203, only ten students graduated on day 13.


Top Picture was taken for an article when I returned. The article was called, "American Kamikaze."  Screaming is a big part of the training. 


Bottom Picture 1.  was taken just before the 25 mile night hike on day 8.

Bottom Picture 2.  is a picture of "singing" practice and shows the "ribbons of shame" - 14 in all, that have to be removed before you can graduate. For an article click on Hell Camp.

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