"No one can describe what you do better than yourself.
No one can describe how well you do it than others."


“In my role as an EMS manager and leader, I frequently have to make difficult decisions with limited time and information.  Ted’s workshop gave me tools to quickly find clarity in a situation and make the right decision under the gun.  This is helping our organization save lives!”

Ted was able in a few short hours to deliver a toolbox full of clear, useful strategies and techniques for analyzing situations and making critical decisions under the gun.  Ted’s program should be mandatory for everybody who has to make difficult decisions.

He has developed an extremely powerful approach to figuring out what’s important and what’s not when making a decision.  His techniques have helped me make better decisions in my public safety role, and I strongly recommend them for anybody who has to make decisions.”
                   - Kent McKenzie, Deputy Director
                     Orange County Emergency Management
                     Hillsborough, NC

"...I have had the opportunity to attend Mr. Buffington’s CLEAR course and found it very enlightening.  As with most training, I was a little skeptical in attending.  He expressed many concepts that I have had some exposure to before. However, his approach to instruction was incredible.

...Buffington’s presentation on FOCUS, FOLD, and FREEZE behaviors really struck home.  Being a Tactical Team Instructor as well as an Officer Safety Instructor, I have preached this type situational awareness training in a different form.  The CLEAR training enhanced what I already do and I have used specific parts of Buffington’s training, or small variations, from that day forward in several training situations.  I would highly recommend and have recommended his trainings to others in law enforcement."
                   - Lieutenant P. M. Sullivan
                     Wilson Police Department - South Precinct
                     Wilson, NC 27893


I can say that in your "Focus, Fold or Freeze" session, you took a practice employed by almost every emergency responder in evaluating a situation and put it into very clear simple terms.

When you spoke of understanding the power of the questions not focusing on the answers it made perfect sense to me. During the first few seconds after getting off the truck, every fire officer goes through the same process - in Fire College we called it Size-Up but you helped me to understand just what it was we actually are doing.

During that period we ask the four simple questions you articulated so well and in such simple terms. To ask - What's so -What's Possible- What's Missing- What's Next - is a simple evaluation of what we go through at every fire or emergency not only initially but also in a continual basis throughout the event.

It is not necessarily the answers but the questions we ask that will clarify the situation. I have spoke already with my Senior Officers about this simple explanation of the process and it will hopefully enable them to more clearly understand just what they are doing.

Your session in Toronto really helped me. We are planning to employ your 'clarity generators' as a basic principle in all our Officer Training sessions.

Thank You for taking a process employed daily and simplifying it so that the outcome is clear."                    - J.W. (Jim) Douglas
                     Fire Chief/CEMC
                     Town of Ft. Erie, ON Canada

"Ted Buffington's C.L.E.A.R. High Performance Team Training was the finest training I have attended in my 20+ year career in fire and emergency management."

                 - Mark Schell, Deputy Director

                   Durham County Emergency Management

"The F3 training has made a significant impact on how I will operate during a crisis. Ted's processes for clarity will be used personally and professionally -  not just during an emergency or disaster."

                - Jim Groves, Director
                  Lee County Office of Emergency Services

"Ted's engaging style provided the perfect keynote for our client conference.  He took the time to get to know our clients and their business, and he delivered a tailored message that got our session off to a great start."
                   - Jeff Whittle
                     Executive Vice President
                     Pinnacle Corporation

"Ted did a program called, The Art of Pushing Back, at the NACStech 2003, and it was so highly rated that we brought him back to be the opening keynote speaker for NACStech 2004."
 - Richard Oneslager
                     NACS Board of Directors/Conference Chair

"On behalf of the Disaster Recovery Journal (DRJ) and all our conference co-sponsors, we would like to express our sincere appreciation and thank you for your “Art of Pushing Back – Secrets to Getting Buy-In” presentation.

Thank you again for your valuable contribution to our conference. We sincerely appreciate the time and effort you expended in sharing your knowledge and experience with others in the business continuity industry. We would like to invite you to present again at our next Conference."
                         - Patti Fitzgerald, CBCP
                           DRJ Conference Coordinator

Dear Ted,
"It is truly remarkable what you are able to do and even more remarkable is that you were able to teach and be followed by our director and production coordinator. I want to thank you very much for your contribution to this motion picture."
 - Michael Douglas, Actor/Producer
                                  "The Jewel of the Nile"

Dear Mr. Buffington,
"I am pleased to report an overwhelming positive impression left on our recruiters following your presentation.  You did a superb job in presenting techniques to succeed by overcoming personal obstacles and identifying and modifying behavior.  Your ability to communicate the intricacies of behavior and captivate the more than 200 recruiters and staff of Navy Recruiting District Seattle is evidenced by the now common phrase "notice what you notice" which rings throughout the district.  Your insights and thought provoking presentation has made a definite positive impact and has contributed towards our renewed success.

Your enthusiastic and professional presentation is profoundly appreciated.  You enlightened my command with your insight and experience dealing with the most difficult aspect of managing people - behavior.

Please accept my sincere thanks for a job WELL DONE!"
                         - J. D. Brazil
                            Commander, U. S. Navy

Dear Ted:
I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for your excellent “Leading Your Response and Recovery Teams” course.  It was a pleasure to be in your class and I learned so much about myself and the world around me.  Your style and the way you presented your materials were fun and easy to follow.

This course has helped me both professionally and personally, and I believe this is one course my employer has paid for that will give them a great return on their investment. I have highly recommended that your course on Team Engineering be sponsored for our entire directorate to upper level management.

Again, thank you for all the wonderful gifts you have unlocked in me.
                      Valerie Langham, CBCP
                      Information Technology Specialist
                      Headquarters, Defense Logistics Agency

"Thank you for facilitating the training, development and personal coaching for our 40 employees.   With a BA degree in Communication and Psychology, I recognize the importance for quality team/group development and the need for effective methodologies for doing so.  What you brought to our team was impactful, creative, and necessary to maximize our group and individual goals. Your experience, passion, and dedication to self-development and personal responsibility helped us to build strong teams, a key to success in any organization. 

Your knowledge and wide range of expertise opens the door to unlimited possibilities in turn strengthening teams/organizations, ourselves, and ultimately making a positive impact in who we are and where we want to go.  

Ted, your coaching and training has made a positive difference in my career and personal life.”
                       - Dana Sorter
                         Account Manager

Dear Mr. Buffington:

On behalf of the Commander, Navy Region Northwest, I would like to let you know I was impressed with the superb job you did as the main plenary speaker for the Leadership Conference 2003.  Training of this caliber is important to have for our leaders, and I am an advocate of the messages you so well convey.

In speaking with other attendees, I heard many very positive comments concerning your presentations.

My goal is to continue to support this type of leadership conferencing and training for our Region, and I hope to see you involved again.

Thank you!
                                  Francis J. Sharkey
                                  Assistant Chief of Staff for Human Resources
                                  By Direction of the Commander

Ted Buffington is an exceptional motivational and inspirational speaker. Ted's keynote address at Keller ISD's Intermediate School Conference was uplifting, thought provoking and challenged our teachers to think in new ways regarding the needs of our diverse student population.

In addition, Ted is able to connect and communicate with students of all ability levels. I was present for the talk Ted presented to our Life Skills class during South Keller Intermediate School's Career Day. Ted spoke about balance in life and used a ruler to demonstrate this concept. Ted brought an abstract concept into a concrete experience our special needs students could literally grasp and understand.

I highly recommend Ted Buffington to any organization that desires to encourage, motivate, and inspire its membership.
                                 Deborah Cano
                                 Assistant Principal

 "Ted Buffington practices what he teaches:  not only does Ted educate teachers and parents about how to motivate children, but he definitely makes the learning relevant by sharing humorous stories and anecdotes."

"Ted has captivated students, parents, and teachers with his learning styles techniques and creative problem solving."
                                  Susan Padget

Ted Buffington brings energy and excitement with his presentations.  He captivates his audience and encourages them to step out of the box and try new techniques.
                                  Beth Parton
                                  5th Grade Math Teacher

 "Mr. Buffington encouraged me to look at learning in a whole new way. His insight and humor made the workshop fun, and the knowledge I gained was very useful in the classroom when working with students of varied learning styles."
                                   Lisa Lerner
                                  6th Grade Math Teach

Ted Buffington is very energetic and knowledgeable in the area of learning styles.  He has helped parents, teachers, and students become aware of their own styles and has provided activities to enhance each individual style.  He would be a great asset to the conference.
                                  Joanie Patrick
                                  School Counselor

Dear Ted,
I attended your seminar in Minnesota. I can't thank you enough for the information you gave about teaching. I had the best end of year ever. The reading group that I was so worried about went from learning 5 new words a week to learning 15 new words a day. Talk about exciting. In six weeks they covered 3 months of reading material. I used the strategies with my other kids, too - and we had fun. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
                           - Barbara Possis, Teacher

Thanks so much for the information you presented on Natural Learning Patterns.  My daughter, Lexy, was having so many challenges in school, I was convinced that either she had a learning disability, or I was speaking a foreign language when we did her homework together. You really saved the day with the Natural Learning Patterns course. You helped to make me aware of how she filters and understands information. I learned that in essence, I really was speaking to her in a different language – I’m visual and she isn’t.

That awareness helped me to switch gears and I began communicating with her in HER terms.  It was like magic - all of sudden, conflicts that were once prevalent disappeared, and she was more motivated to try learning new things at home and at school.  The conflicts we had about homework greatly improved.
                                    I am very grateful! Thank you!
                                  - Stephanie Robert, Parent

"...Ted consulted with our team that decreased deployments from 33 days to 23 days where facilities existed, and down to 7 days were facilities were pre-positioned. Our on-time performance increased from below 50% to greater than 95%, and we exceeded our goal for sales by 20% over the 15 month project. Units installed or on order increased by 428% over the quantities installed at the beginning of the project and we were held out as "the example" with our largest customer on how to do business.

Ted has outstanding people skills. He has the ability to determine individual work styles and alter his message so that it will be received by everyone. I have never in my life been around anyone that has the skills to get a message across and to get a cross-functional team working together as a unit like Ted can. 

Along with facilitating our meetings and keeping us focused on situational awareness and high performance, Ted provided us with tools that made us more effective as a team, such at taking strategic responsibility of the project, managing project breakdowns, keeping our commitments, and he kept us always looking for the opportunity in every situation. He also is equally adept at working alone or in tandem with others. He has been an authorized vendor for GTE for over six years and understands our culture well.  I cannot stress to you enough the confidence I have in his abilities and value he has brought to our organization."

                                   - Geoff Thumma, Director
                                     GTE - Internetworking

(Mr. Landers,)
“Per your request for a recommendation regarding Ted Buffington and Achievement By Design, I am pleased to provide the following information:

Ted has worked with our organization on several occasions. We were always so pleased to have Ted Buffington as a consultant on our leadership team and projects. He often provided insight on how to negotiate with individuals based on personality, the end result being stellar employee performances. Ted was always a complete asset in this arena.  He would often speak to groups of sales people about the importance of intention, attention, clarity and attitude. Ted’s “Art of Pushing Back model” addressed negotiation, managing stressful situations and how successful individuals and high performers approach these types of obstacles to their advantage.

In addition to the group work, Ted worked with my sales force individually to fine-tune each person’s skills.  Ted assisted me and the other managers with the tools for customizing individualized pro-active successful behaviors with the staff.

In my opinion, Ted’s insight and testing methods into individual psyches was nothing short of phenomenal. His ability to relate to and motivate large groups of people was also excellent. I give Ted my highest recommendation possible! Any company or organization would surely benefit to have him involved.”
                                     - Dorothea Ellerby
                                        Former VP of Sales
                                        NuWave Communications

Ted -
"On behalf of the Department of the Navy, Human Resources Service Center, Northwest (HRSC-NW), I would like to extend my thanks to you for the superb job you did as the main plenary speaker for the Leadership Conference 2003.  I particularly appreciated your talent at weaving together the various highlights of other plenary speakers in supporting and reinforcing the message of the conference.

I am pleased that the conference went so well and that you were an integral part of its success.  Your high degree of quality, professionalism, and ability to convey a sincere message was most appreciated.  Exploring and presenting state-of-the-art information in leadership training can certainly be a challenge, but it is a challenge that you admirably conquer.

Thank you again.  I look forward to working together again."
                        - Dennis Veloni
                          Director HRSC - NW

Dear Ted,
"I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for presenting your "Negotiating with the Japanese" seminar at Amdahl Corporation in Sunnyvale, California on July 17 and 18.  Your seminar was one of the most interesting and enlightening training sessions I have attended.

Thank you again, Ted for passing on such valuable insights. You have rekindled my desire to continue my study of the Japanese people and language."

                                   - Peggy Henderson
                                     Fujitsu Buyer
                                     Amdahl Corporation 

"I would like to thank you for your participation on the NTG Project. Your contribution to the team has been invaluable in bringing the first phase of the project to completion. Your insistence on team members to speak from either the Possibility, Opportunity or Action, ensured that tough issues were able to be addressed in a positive and professional manner. The ability to focus team members on speaking with greater clarity drove productive discussions and sound resolutions to difficult issues. Throughout the many changes to the NTG Project your flexibility and positive attitude kept the team moving in the intended direction. Lastly, your insistence for the team to "stand for something" fostered the creation of the "NTG Strategy for Success" document. The "NTG Strategy for Success" will help facilitate the teams transition from the project's first phase to the next phase of establishing a level of operational excellence necessary to effectively and sufficiently support high volume sales. As you have already communicated to the team, your presence on the day-to-day operations of the NTG Project are no longer required. The team though, has insisted that you be brought back for the short term on an as needed basis. Hopefully your calendar can accommodate our future needs for your services as required. I look forward to your continued contribution to the team.  Thank you."
                            - Dave Hargis, Senior Project Manager
                                    GTE - Network Services NTG Project

To Whom It May Concern:
"San Fernando Community Hospital was  privileged to have Mr. Ted Buffington present a workshop for a group of our employees, entitled “Communication Elegance."

Mr. Buffington's style of presentation was most stimulating and it was very easy to give your full attention to the sessions. He appeared to know his material quite well and led the group in a positive way, not making any member of the group feel “on-the-spot.”

He involved the entire group and had the unique ability to “draw one out.” Most of the class was able to put into practice the skills being taught within a short period of time.

The overall consensus was a feeling that “you did not want the class to end.”  You leave the class eager to practice the newly learned techniques.

 A “support group” was formed from the initial class, enabling us the continued support to keep this an ongoing process in our lives.

We highly recommend Mr. Buffington’s workshop as thought-provoking and highly motivating."

                                       B. Lynda Cheek
                                       Chief Executive Officer
                                       San Fernando Community Hospital

"...It had been difficult at times to go through the learning process necessary to develop a High Performance Team (HPT) but the rewards are immeasurable. I want to acknowledge Ted’s contribution in assisting my team and I. He has expertly been right in the middle without dominating or distracting from the process of the members of the BA-IT team stepping up and understanding how to be a team. Without his assistance, we would still be floundering. His 'situational awareness' coaching, in the form of being a facilitator in our off-site meetings and assisting off-line, has crystallized various leadership concepts that we have been exposed to previously."
                                 - Jeff Miller, Director
                                   GTE - BA Information Technology

"Your assistance with the "kick-off" for the DSL-PMO has been invaluable and your impact on me personally is huge. You managed to quickly create an environment for high level focus, attention and intention that moved the team from strategy to actual work-plans quicker than we ever have before. I especially appreciate your sensitivity to our particular 'situations' and the way you managed our "conversation" rather than impose your own. Your "teachable moments" were appropriately timely and helped us breakup some of our patterns. We will be incorporating your coaching and work-plan templates into all of our projects from here on out. I sincerely believe that we would not be this far along without your involvement. On behalf of the team, thank you! We look forward to working with you again."
                             Michael Crawford, Director
                             GTE - Business Development & Integration

"I wanted to take a moment to thank both you and Ted for your contributions to GTEI's Business Services Billing effort.

Ted did an excellent job of coming in and helping form our team for this project. We picked a group of high performance individuals who do not have a lot of formal teaming experience. Using his situational coaching skills, Ted established a solid foundation for teaming that will carry throughout the life of the project. Ted led the group through a series of exercises and discussions that helped us to clarify team rules, roles, methods of maintaining focus, etc. He also helped the team to develop a vision and mission and set the ground work for documenting our project scope.

As a project owner, I'm glad we invested the time and expense to learn from Ted. Thanks again Geoff for recommending Ted to us. And thank you Ted for all of your contributions to the team."
                                   Steve Freddo Director Billing, GTEI

"This is a follow-up to an action item from the HPT meeting 8/27/98 regarding the value of consultants.  I believe there is value in utilizing Ted Buffington specifically, as an external consultant to guide the HPT.  Some reasons are:"

   High energy

   Excellent at identifying group dynamics
   Good leadership and facilitation skills
   Demonstrates insight  and high level situational awareness
   Keen focus on goals of the team
   Very good at moving the action forward
                                        - Dutch Shultz
                        Advanced Network Products and Services

Dear Ted:

"Thank you very much for participating in my Business Practice Management course for the 3rd year UCLA Family Practice residence.  They found your talk on the banking industry very enlightening and interesting.  I think your dynamic style certainly lets these young physicians appreciate the dynamic nature of the banking industry.  They all enjoyed your talk very much.

I am certainly looking forward to having you come back again next year for another stellar encore performance."

Sincerely yours,

                              Richard A. Johnson, M.D.
                              Director, Ambulatory Care
                              UCLA Family Health Center
                              Assistant Professor or Family Medicine.

(To American Society for Training & Development - ASTD)

"Please accept the sincere thanks of the Crippled Children’s Society for Mr. Buffington’s wonderful contribution to the “Total Staff Meeting” of the Crippled Children’s Society of Southern California, Inc.

Mr. Ted Buffington’s presentation absolutely enhanced the continuing training of our staff and was received with great enthusiasm and interest.  The information Mr. Buffington imparted will bare fruit in the over-all growth of our Agency and the programs we operate.

Further, Mr. Buffington’s personal warmth was equally well received.  Our in-house evaluations of the training indicates a very high level of interest and usefulness of Mr. Ted Buffington’s presentation.

Again, many thanks for the quality time Mr. Buffington so generously provided."

                             Very Truly yours,
                             Michael Lande, Director, Vocational Services
                             Crippled Children’s Society, Inc.

Dear Mr. Buffington:

"On behalf of the American Heart Association, we extend our sincere thanks for the significant contribution made in the preparation of the special 17-minute slide show on the Anniversary of the 50th Fall Symposium.  The soundtrack you composed and recorded was of the highest quality and everyone is impressed with the material and the production.

We realize we could not have completed this without your help and assistance and for this we are grateful.  Please accept our sincere thanks and appreciation."


Very truly yours,

American Heart Association
Allan J. Swanson, M.D.    and       Robert T. Jones
President                                  Chairman of the Board

Dear Ted,
"...Not only did everyone get something good out of it for themselves, but there is also a noticeable change in attitudes, and group interaction has greatly improved."
                                        Gloria J. Radley
                                        Warner  Bros, Inc.

"...Your program helped to shape and change not only my perceptions of the world around me, but my perception of myself as well."
                                        Lisa Langer, Occupational Therapist
                                        Daniel Freeman Memorial Hospital