Achievement By Design®

"It's all about the process."

"Achievement By Design is the result of my lifelong quest to find
practical ways to overcome the mental interferences that prevent
perfect clarity, reliable decision making, and consistent optimal performance."
                                        - Ted Buffington

Achievement By Design® (ABD) programs focus on 'Patterning' – the understanding that hidden processes, patterns, designs, structures, styles, strategies, habits, routines, and reflexes directly influence organizational and individual performance.

ABD programs emphasize Ted Buffington's  Mindset Skills - awareness, clarity, concentration, focus, mental and behavioral resiliency skills to improve perception, decision making and overall performance. 

"The true power of Ted's methodologies is the cross-contextual application potential -
you learn a concept or skill and use it in ANY situation."

Mindset Skills training provide the basic skills for general, overall performance improvement.  And for many, the basics are sufficient to meet their needs.  In martial arts terms, Mindset Skills get you to about a 'green belt' level (usually three levels below Black Belt in most styles).

But there are those individuals and organizations that need, or strive toward, the 'Black Belt' mindset.  They need to demonstrate consistent performance at the highest possible levels of excellence, especially in under pressure situations. 

For those, there is Focus, Fold, and Freeze (F3) - The Science & Art of Performance Under Pressure.

For more information about F3 training programs Click here.

To learn more, explore the links to specific details of our background, research, programs and testimonials of our proven successes and achievements. 

" Success can happen by accident...
Achievement is purely By Design."


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