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Everyone can benefit by having a coach. Good athletes have a coach for 'sports’ related situations, who support, observe and point out ways to improve in their sport.  Good writers have editors who point out ways to improve writing skills.  There are tutors, mentors and trainers in a wide variety of personal & professional areas, so why not have one for your specific needs?

Achievement By Design (ABD) Coaching is ideal for those in key roles like CEOs, senior executives, managers who need to become leaders, sales managers & sales staff, teachers, public speakers, trainers & facilitators, or anyone who is committed to taking their communication, motivation, and negotiation skills to the highest possible levels.

ABD Coaching  is not therapy or counseling. It is not about fixing something that is broken. It is training to learn specific skills and techniques for enhancing your personal and/or professional performance and effectiveness.  It is about learning to observe with clarity and to perceive without imposing judgments.  Sessions are conducted in person when possible and can also be done by telephone.

Benefits of Using an ABD Coach:

Clients use ABD Coaching for any of the following reasons and often for a combination of these reasons:

  • To learn to be clear, focused, prepared and in control of any situation

  • To understand and master the principles of effective leadership & communication

  • To learn and master rapport building skills to enhance all relationships

  • To increase influence effectiveness

  • To create a vision or re-engineer an existing vision

  • To make substantial, sustainable changes for stress reduction and lifestyle simplification

  • To understand and change unwanted personal habits and patterns

  • To learn to be a charismatic, influential leader

  • To be an effective public speaker and presenter

What is an Achievement By Design (ABD) Coach?

All coaches are personally trained & certified by methodology creator, Ted Buffington. ABD  Coaches specialize in assisting people to be clear, focused, prepared and in control of every challenging situation.  Sometimes you can't see the 'true reality' because other factors are getting in the way.  ABD Coaching helps people identify resistance points; see beyond them and to design a workable plan for reaching desired outcomes. ABD Coaches works with individuals, groups and teams who are self motivated, who understand and appreciate the value collaborating with a partner, and who are willing to take some risks.  An ABD Coach listens, provides observations, guidance, makes requests and helps the client focus and achieve bigger and more fulfilling goals. Primarily, an ABD Coaching relationship allows you to have someone who is a skilled, committed partner to your success, who knows how to read, interpret and enhance your verbal and non-verbal communication patterns, and can ask you for more than you can usually ask of yourself.



"Please accept my appreciation and gratitude for your Achievement By Design coaching sessions. I have learned a great deal about myself and feel I have a much better understanding of the dynamics and structure of human behavior.

...As a professional athlete, I believe that your skills and insights on motivation and performance enhancement are very appropriate for athletes at all levels.  Your skills and techniques have real benefit to professional players who need to go to the next level of their mental game.

I feel the greatest contribution your work could make would be in the area of Youth Sports. Teaching young players at an early age what you have taught me, will definitely help prepare them to deal with the ‘highs and lows’ that occur in all levels of sports careers.

...It is a pleasure working with and learning from you.  To that end, I would be happy to recommend you or be a reference for you should the opportunity arise.  Again, thanks for helping take me from Silver to Gold!"


                                                                     James Donaldson

                                                                     Former NBA Player


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