Team Engineering™



 "You can't build something that has not yet been engineered!"

Team Engineering is about helping to train your group or team to be prepared to respond to any business situation. This program utilizes Achievement By Design’s proven Performance Technologies.™  It is a perfect blend of strategic and tactical development skills.  It is about learning the science & art of communication, motivation and negotiation.


Clients use a Team Engineering for any of the following reasons and often for a combination of these reasons: 

  • To help the group or team learn to be clear, focused, prepared and in control of any situation

  • To assist the group or team to create a vision or re-engineer an existing vision

  • To assist to increase profitability by becoming more efficient

  • To facilitate ‘hard to have’ cross-lines of business and silo meetings

  • To offer ‘paradigm shifting’ support, facilitation, consulting and training

  • To help with the ‘start-up’ of a new business or units with fewer expected mistakes

  • To assist with making substantial, repeatable, sustainable organizational improvements

  • To help the organization identify, understand and change productivity barrier factors

  • To help assist the organization to identify and enhance corporate excellence factors

  • To help design, test and implement a complete organizational plan

  • To assist the crisis management groups and teams with preparedness training & awareness

  • To help the group or team to prioritize goals, roles, processes & procedures

 Team Engineering for the group or team is training to learn and replicate specific skills and techniques for enhancing your group or team’s professional performance and effectiveness.


  “Success can happen by accident; Achievement is By Design.”

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