The Art of Pushing Back: Secrets to Getting Buy-in

“The Science & Art of Moving People to Action”


Its crunch time… End of the month…
Prospects are stalling… You need to make your quota!

What do you do when the ONLY option is to achieve?

The Art of Pushing Back: Secrets to Getty Buy-in

  • For sales managers, sales teams, project teams, and anyone who need to get others to achieve

  • For becoming masterful with state-of-the-art communication, motivation, and negotiation skills that move prospects, clients, staff, suppliers, etc. to CHOOSE to take quick actions

  • For getting others to understand & ‘buy-in’ to ideas, proposals, and requests, genuinely and willingly

The Art of Pushing Back: Secrets to Getting Buy-in is a powerful, hands-on combined facilitation, consulting & training program, customized to meet the client’s specific communication, motivation & negotiation needs.  The program is flexible enough to fit various time formats, depending on skills mastery requirements.

The Art of Pushing Back: Secrets to Getting Buy-in is a recognized ‘best practice’ for moving individuals, groups & teams forward quickly & ecologically, with purpose, intention and a genuine commitment to achieve their goals.

The Art of Pushing Back: Secrets to Getting Buy-in has proven success:

  • helping individuals groups & teams learn to be clear, focused, and in control of any situation

  • helping individuals groups & team to prioritize goals, roles, processes & procedures

  • assisting individuals groups & teams to create visions or re-engineer existing visions

  • assisting businesses to increase profitability by becoming more efficient

  • facilitating & mediating ‘hard to have’ cross-lines of business and silo meetings & conversations

  • assisting with ‘paradigm' related shifting support, facilitation, consulting and training

  • helping with ‘start-up’ of a new business lines or units with fewer expected mistakes

  • assisting with making substantial, repeatable, sustainable organizational improvements

  • helping the individuals, groups & teams identify, understand and change productivity barrier factors

  • assisting the organization to identify and enhance corporate excellence factors

  • assisting with the design, testing and implementation of a complete effectiveness plan

  • assisting crisis management groups and teams with 'buy-in', preparedness training & awareness

 “Your fate is in the hands of your teams…
…Your teams are only as good as the training they receive.”

Bottom Line: Achievement By Design® Mindset Skillsä Work!

…For Sales Focused Teams:

 “…Ted worked with our organization on several occasions. We were always so pleased to have as a consultant on our leadership team and projects. He often provided insight on how to negotiate with individuals based on personality, the end result being stellar employee performances. Ted was always a complete asset in this arena.  He would often speak to groups of sales people about the importance of intention, attention, clarity and attitude. Ted’s “Art of Pushing Back model” addressed negotiation, managing stressful situations and how successful individuals and high performers approach these types of obstacles to their advantage.

In addition to the group work, Ted worked with my sales force individually to fine-tune each person’s skills.  Ted assisted me and the other managers with the tools for customizing individualized pro-active successful behaviors with the staff.

In my opinion, Ted’s insight and testing methods into individual psyches was nothing short of phenomenal. His ability to relate to and motivate large groups of people was also excellent. I give Ted my highest recommendation possible! Any company or organization would surely benefit to have him involved.”
                                      - Dorothea Ellerby
                                        Former VP of Sales
                                        NuWave Communications

…For Technology Focused Teams:

"...Ted’s consulting with our team led to decreased deployments from 33 days to 23 days where facilities existed, and down to 7 days were facilities were pre-positioned. Our on-time performance increased from below 50% to greater than 95%, and we exceeded our goal for sales by 20% over the 15 month project. Units installed or on order increased by 428% over the quantities installed at the beginning of the project and we were held out as "the example" with our largest customer on how to do business. The numbers speak for themselves - Ted’s methods work!
- Geoff Thumma, Director
                                      GTE Corporation - Internetworking

…For Disaster Recovery & Crisis Response Focused Teams:

  • Based on your excellent reviews and evaluations, you achieved the third highest score of the 56 conference presenters. Your evaluations totaled an average score of 11.5 points out of a possible 12! – Patti Fitzgerald, DRJ Conference Coordinator

  • Interactive with audience.  Should be a general session – absolutely fabulous.  A must for all BCP professionals.  Totally outside the box and Right On!  Single greatest presentation I can remember.  – Leah Farr

  • This was great! Worth the time spent and more.  Everyone should have the opportunity to attend this presentation.  – Joe Winner

  • Great conversational style.  Engaged the audience, told relevant stories to make points, used humor well.  Provided new perspectives that made sense.  Information has practical application.  Enjoyed it! – Rachel Toglia

  • This was superior to the point I bought the tapes of the session! – Mike Slingluff

  • One of the best presentations here this week! – Bill Bello

  • This will really help my DR Team get Buy-in at work.  Fun Workshop!

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Success can happen by accident…Achievement is purely By Design.”