Ted Buffington's

Focus, Fold, or Freeze -

The Science & Art of Performance Under Pressure

General Overview


“When people are forced outside their comfort zone they will
Focus - go into the zone; Fold - fall apart & panic;
or Freeze - become immobile.”

Focus, Fold, or Freeze (F3) takes Ted Buffington's MindSet Skills to the advanced levels of understanding and application.

F3 is about understanding and enhancing perception reflexes in under pressure situations.  All reflexes are the result of conditioned patterns. These programs teach specific skills for getting access to, removing or improving conditioned patterns and processes.  These skills can be applied to any personal or professional 'under pressure' situation.

F3 is a series of trainings designed to take you from the MindSet Skills basics to an advanced level of awareness, perception, focus, concentration, and decision making.

F3 Training Versions Are Available in These Specific Contexts:

The same skills are taught in each version.  Case studies, examples, learning games, etc., are specific to the version's context.

F3 - Crisis Response
F3 - Sports
F3 - Leadership Development
F3 - Team Development
F3 - Sales

F3 training is based on Ted Buffington's nearly thirty years of experience & research in sports psychology, martial arts, and working with 'focus' related experts in sports; public safety; military; emergency management; and Fortune 500 corporations.

F3 Modules Summary:

Modules 1-2 lay the foundation for understanding HOW default perceptions, awareness, and decision making patterns are formed.

Modules 3-4 builds on that foundation and answers the question, “Okay, now that I know HOW default patterns are formed, HOW do I ‘improve or remove’ those patterns?”

Modules 5-6 takes the concepts & skills from ‘Me’ to ‘We’ and teaches HOW to become Masterful at leading, managing, supervising, training, mentoring, instructing, and developing other individuals and teams that need to make the tough decisions during tough times.

Who Should Attend:

F3 training is for anyone who has to be clear and focused in under pressure situations. F3 skills have proven to enhance clarity, decision making, and performance in many types of personal and professional areas including, all levels of sports; education; fire services; law enforcement;  military; hospitals; business continuity; disaster recovery; emergency management; public safety; critical infrastructure maintenance; airport emergency response and security personnel.

Customized Programs:

Ted refers to his methodologies as 'concept Lego's.' Each module is designed to be flexible enough to mix-up, combine and customize to fit your specific organizational, conference, group, or team content and schedule needs.  The modules are available in both traditional 'cheek-in-seat' and 'live' online formats.

Whether you simply want a keynote presentation, a one hour 'virtual lunch & learn,' or a full blown 'competency-based' track of programs, please consider ABD for your design, development, and delivery needs.


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