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You don't have to look far to see how parents and youth sports coaches are looking to mental game coaching, and peak performance training to help prepare young athletes to 'achieve'  the 'competitive edge' - earlier, faster and with more intensity.  ABD believes that care needs to be demonstrated to provide the proper balance of leadership & management with younger athletes so they can continue to HAVE FUN while developing their physical and mental abilities.

Sometimes the difference between a gold & silver medal, winning & losing, succeeding & achieving can be measured in fractions of a second.  Often, it is the mental game that can be the difference at that level of physical performance.  As athletes get better with their physical skills and abilities, 'Mindset' skills and abilities also need to improve.

Mental Game Development (MGD) is a specific Performance Enhancement program designed to assist coaches & players in youth, amateur and professional sports, with all aspects of the 'mental game'.  The program helps to identify the 'mental' parts relating to current and intended performance results.

See MGD Brochure for More Details.

MGD can help to 'Improve or Remove' the following
performance related mindsets & behaviors:






























Sports Related Testimonials:

"...Please accept my appreciation and gratitude for your Achievement By Design coaching sessions. I have learned a great deal about myself and feel I have a much better understanding of the dynamics and structure of human behavior.
...As a professional athlete, I believe that your skills and insights on motivation and performance enhancement are very appropriate for athletes at all levels. Your skills and techniques have real benefit to professional players who need to go to the next level of their mental game.
...I feel the greatest contribution your work could make would be in the area of Youth Sports. Teaching young players at an early age what you have taught me, will definitely help prepare them to deal with the ‘highs and lows’ that occur in all levels of sports careers.
...It is a pleasure working with and learning from you. To that end, I would be happy to recommend you or be a reference for you should the opportunity arise. Again, thanks for helping take me from Silver to Gold!"
                                                            James Donaldson
                                                            Former NBA Player

Dear Ted,
"...On behalf of everyone at UK International Soccer Camps we would to take this opportunity  to thank you for your time presenting the seminar, "Mental Game Development Coaches Certification" to our staff.
    We considered various organizations before committing to your company Achievement By Design and were delighted with the results. Our staff still talks about how rewarding the information was that they received, and all of them have used the materials at some level with the players they coach.
    We look forward to continuing the certification programs for all current and new coaches. Additionally, please consider being a member of our Advisory Board. We would be honored to have you.  Once again, many thanks!"
                                                            Nik Alsop, President
                                                            UK International Soccer Camps, Inc.

“…If properly implemented, Ted’s performance enhancement technologies will make a major contribution to youth sports programs. The information is powerful and enlightening. I have successfully used some of these techniques in my career as a youth sports parent, coach, and private pitching instructor. Ted’s ability to teach these performance enhancing techniques is second to none. Every coach, parent, and league administrator who has the opportunity to learn these skills, and the personal commitment to use the techniques, will walk away a better person. Get ready to be blown away and then go out and make the world a better place.”
                                                            Michael J. Swanson, President
                                                             All-Star Pitching Academy

"...Please accept out appreciation and gratitude for your presentation to the CBRC crews, families and friends. Your insights on how to achieve high performance was very well received and pertinent for individual and team applications. Through your anecdotes, examples, and exercises, you helped us to see the difference between a highly successful team and a struggling team.  I believe the rowers learned and can apply your skill to move from being a group to being a team and then to becoming a high performance team. Thank you so much!"
                                                            Lynn Pollock
                                                            CBRC (Commencement Bay Rowing Club)

"...Thanks so much for your help with our soccer team. The results of your 'mental game' skills training was better than we could have hoped for. The girls reported back that your exercises for 'managing the fears' really helped them to stay focused on the game. We believe that your work with us was a major factor in our winning the biggest game of the season. We definitely want to use you more! If we can do that well with just one session with you, imagine the possibilities!"
                                                            Robin Breakey, Coach

   Thank-you so much for the seminar - Everyone thought it was great. I know some great communication was established and we all look forward to a closer more positive relationship. I thought your ideas were fabulous and easy to understand.  Norm emailed me this morning thanking me for finding you!!! Many of the parents would love to have a class so if you are still willing let me know. 
   Like you suggested, Norm practiced with the girls on Saturday -- what they were going to do if they got a goal down etc. and it worked like a charm!!! We won 3 to 2!!!!!! This is a North Kitsap team that has beat us twice before this season. The girls were so pumped and it just cracked me up because I heard both Layne and Vanessa yell "EPIC" several times during the course of the game!
   Several parents game up to me and said - wow, that must have been a great seminar! You can see from this email from one of the parents that even the girls gave you credit. I even heard that one of the Dad's wants to talk to you about doing a seminar for his employees as a result of his daughter's report!!!!
                                Thank you again - you are a miracle worker!! 
                                                               Robin Farwell
                                                               Bainbridge Island Select Soccer

"...After yesterday's game Sonnie made a comment I thought I'd pass on. She credited the team's attitude and ability to come back in the final two minutes of the game to their response to the Ted Buffington seminar you arranged. Having watched this team closely from the start I would have to agree with her. You picked just the thing that has been the missing ingredient so far. And, I think we'll see more games come out of their new found fire done to perfection."
                                                                 Ty Palmer



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